Puritalia Automobili



From the very first sketCh to the production limited edition sports car. In every single detail.

"I always try to describe this design challenge in few words. But It’s impossible.

There are too many elements that have been blended together since I started to draw the very first sketch. History, passion, respect and enthusiasm as well as fear, all at once.
So many elements, sometimes in a beautiful contrast to each other, have been mixed together to create the distinctive Puritalia 427′s body shapes.
A tough challenge: to evoke the classic American muscle cars spirit, enhanced by modern design and inspired by the elegance of Italian style. Without meddling with the legendary roadsters of the swinging sixties, even though this is mainly a tribute to them.
We had to create something unique but not too exotic, something new with a special focus on the glorious past to which we wanted to pay tribute.
The result is the distinctive style of Puritalia 427, a car that carries the passion that drove us during the design process.

The distinctive elements of the car have been designed and brought together carefully. The 427’s style is an harmonic contrast between elegance and muscularity. It’s the result of a development effort carried out in parallel with the design of the chassis and mechanical components. A unique style, a sort of skin that seamlessly surrounds the technical components. Its soul. 

A wonderful challenge, a real dream for any Designer out there."

This is what Fabio Ferrante, our Industrial Design Director, always uses to describe what he likes to calls “my baby”.
The Puritalia 427 is a Limited Edition 2 seater Roadster that pays tribute to the myth, the Shelby Cobra from 1965. A car that for the whole Automotive World has been an icon since it was able to beat the legendary Ferrari at the 24 Hours of LeMans, the world’s most important and iconic race ever.

Approaching such an extraordinary project is never easy.
Every single detail has been conceptualized, sketched and brought to production by Fabio and his team, keeping in mind the importance of the homage they were creating.

The car was presented in Milan on December 2014 and got a huge success and press.
The success itself convinced the company to immediately start with a second project. Even bigger, even more important.

Next appointment March 2019, International Motor Show of Geneva.


The Design Process